who i am



I wake up excited to design websites each day, and I absolutely love working with clients to create something that perfectly represents who they are and what they do. I love learning about the passions of my clients and am proud to help fantastic people define and promote their businesses and projects. 


Originally from Maine, I have been living in and out of the United States for over ten years. I spent years in management of youth programming in Uganda, Maine, and Bali. While searching the globe for fulfillment and balance, I have finally found a way to be creative, work independently, and still have an opportunity to make others happy.

Websites are the first connection many businesses have to future clients, and I want their soul and their mission to radiate through the screen immediately. My portfolio is not as much of an exhibit of my work as much as it is a collection of amazing work done by amazing people… a showcase for what the world is doing right.